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From the time I was in first or second grade I have had a textile art activity in my hand of some sort. Whether it was sewing something on the sewing machine, crocheting, knitting, crewel, needlepoint, counted or stamped x-stitch, quilting, my hands have rarely been idle at home.

I often ask myself why it is so important to me and I'm not sure I know all the answer(s). I think it is mostly centered in leaving something behind--a kind of legacy long after I'm gone. When I go to needlework shows, there are usually displays of antique needlework pieces. I find myself wondering about the life of the person who made it; were they happy? Does the choice of design tell anything about them? Why did she (I can use the choice of "she" without bias because it was so rare to have needlework done by a man in years past) make this particular piece? Were they hoping someone would keep their piece and cherish it long after they were gone? Who knows? As I look at the pieces I have ma…

Scraps of Life

Several years ago (probably about 20 years) I made a quilt using the traditional log cabin design with a pink/red center square representing the heart of the home. I didn't hand or machine quilt the pieces when finished. I hand tied it to finish it more quickly. Well, over the years the back of the quilt ripped and tore in several places. I mended it several times but over the years I realized that it had more mends and patches than whole parts. I put the quilt up saying I would mend it someday. I started to replace the quilt back last fall and am finishing it this weekend.

As I've mended the quilt top and taken the time to attach the back, I've had plenty of time to look at the hundreds of pieces making up the quilt. It is like a "scrap"-book of my life from years ago. There are scraps from dresses and blouses I made (I used to make almost all of my clothes) when I worked at the library. I can still remember what those dresses and tops looked like. Then there ar…

It's 2012-wow!

At the beginning of a new year, a fairly common tradition is making New Year's resolutions. Many are made and, statistically, few are kept. Here are my New Year's resolutions and they will be a blessing for me to keep. There's no point in beating myself up for resolutions I made and didn't keep. These resolutions will make me feel good every day.

1. Love and treasure my family--Hubby, parents, brother and sister-in-law, All in-laws on my hubby's side, children and step-children, children-in-law, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, aunts.
2. Be thankful for the many blessings I have.
3. Be thankful for the friends in my life. A true buxom friend is rare but a delight!
4. Be thankful every day that I can get up and go to work. I have the physical ability to get up and the brains to get through the day.
5. Enjoy the beauty around me whether it's nature, music or art. I will "stop and smell the flowers."
6. Be thankful that I have enough food to eat and a …