Every so often I go on binges and I'm not referring to a diet binge. My binges center more on projects. My latest binge has been to clear stuff out that I've been carting around forever and finish them. In the last month I've completed 4 large jigsaw puzzles, finished an afghan, started another, emptied crates of yarn to sort them out, and finished a counted cross-stitch piece. All this on top of working, resuming playing the bass and taking lessons as well as playing in community orchestra and being gone over Labor Day. I listen to audio-books while I'm doing projects so I feel like I'm getting two things done at the same time.

It feels really good to get stuff done and out when I've finished. I still have a lot of projects to finish up but it definitely feels good to get stuff done and out of the way.

What causes these binges to perk up in me? I've always been occupied with projects and stuff, but why does a "binge" start? I never know how long they'll last and I know that I'll keep working on stuff after the "binge" is over, but probably at a slightly slower pace.

Now my question is, do I keep the afghan or do I give it away? (By the way, it isn't lopsided; it's just that holding it up kind of pulls the yarn.)


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