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Second Luminous Mystery--The Wedding at Cana

I haven't posted about the mysteries of the Rosary for quite awhile but one has been buzzing around in my brain for awhile. Here goes:

Most people have heard the gospel story of the Wedding at Cana. It is often referred to as Christ's first miracle. The family hosting the wedding has run out of wine. Mary, Jesus' mother, tells Jesus that the family about the situation. Jesus responds to his mother that His time has not yet come. Mary goes to the family servants telling them to, "Do whatever He tells you to do." Jesus tells the servants to fill some jars with water and when the water is poured for a drink, it has become the best wine to be served.

Much has been made of the idea that Jesus, even though He is the Son of God, does what his mother asked him to do. Jesus' miracle of turning water into wine is a miracle and ripe with symbolism.

My focus is on the phrase, "Do whatever He tells you to do." It's easy for the reader or listener to mentally…

Inspiring Thoughts

Came across some lovely stories in old paperwork. They are too good not to share. Here goes:


Oprah Winfrey said the following in a commencement address to the graduates of all-female Spelman College in 1993:

Be a queen. Dare to be different. Be a pioneer. Be a leader. Be the kind of woman who in the face of adversity will continue to embrace life and walk fearlessly toward the challenge. Take it on! Be a truth seeker and rule your domain, whatever it is--your home, your office, your family--with a loving heart.

Be a queen. Be tender. Continue to give birth to new ideas and rejoice in your womanhood. My prayer is that we will stop wasting time being mundane and mediocre. We are daughters of God--here to teach the world how to love.

It doesn't matter what you've been through, where you come from, who your parents are--nor your social or economic status. None of that matters. What matters is how you choose to love, how you choose to express that love through your work, thr…