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The Little Things

I think all of us, at one time or another, forget that it's the little things that are often the most fun and memorable. For instance, my parents, hubby and kids LOVE our tradition with Christmas stockings. It's something that makes our holidays. It's a little thing but we all have fun, lots of laughs and look forward to it each year.

Well, I recently came across a little thing that was lots of fun. I picked up a book several months ago titled The Pulpwood Queen's Tiara-Wearing, Book Sharing Guide to Life. The book was written by a fellow Kansan, Kathy Patrick, and describes her life but uses books she has read as a springboard for various topics in her book. It's fun and enlightening to review her list of favorite books at the end of each chapter. She writes in a conversational manner and I felt like she was talking to me in a one-to-one conversation as I read the book. The cover alone draws your attention with a group of women laughing, wearing tiaras and dressed…

Good for the Soul

I've been reading a daily devotional entitled God's Abundance--365 Days to a More Meaningful Life edited by Kathy Collard Miller.The reading for April 2 was so good that I wanted to pass it on. This particular day was submitted by Kitty Bucholtz and titled "Lenten Sacrifice." I know that we are way past Lent and the entire Easter season but this article is just too good, in my opinion, not to pass on. I've been thinking about it since I read it and thought you might enjoy it, too. Here goes:

During the Ash Wednesday message last year, the priest challenged each of us to give up praying for ourselves for the entire Lenten season. We were to pray only for others, or in Thanksgiving. At first, I resisted the idea. My husband and I were having some severe financial hardships and had just begun new jobs. It was flu season. I could not imagine giving up praying for myself.
As a child I memorized the Bible verse about praying without ceasing, and over the years it had bec…